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About Us

Established in 1975, Chia-Lun is an expert of hose Extrusion manufacturing.

We have OEM and Customization services to offer various materials of hose such as PVC hose, Yarn wrapped hose, Foil hose and steel hose to fulfill different industries.

We are a major manufacturer in the markets of Gardening, Bathroom, Household and Medical appliances. with a focus on Gardening due to our unique design of 70% water saving of the soaker and spray hose.

 Chia-Lun is not only a manufacturer, but also an earth protector. With a passion of life, we are successful to recycle materials such as tires to produce eco-friendly products.

We use toxic free materials, PEEVATPETPRTPVTPO to promise a green environment following by demands of ROHS, NSF, FDA, NOP.    

We would like to draw your attention that Chia-Lun has led the market with the finest quality products and our sincere desire to please our customers.

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